Every month I also attend small niche play parties and large club nights that facilitate kink of a more communal nature. Play parties may be dungeon based or domestic, but all are attended by experienced and play loving Dominants, while club nights are a great opportunity to get more involved in the BDSM scene. This page will show what play parties I'll be at and clubs that I frequent and recommend. Multi Domme play parties can be a great opportunity for masochists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, service slaves, forced bi and CFNM enthusiasts to further explore their kinks... just be sure to read the websites carefully when choosing your event.

NB: Apply for all events through the party organiser via the links provided below. Do not call and ask Me when a next event will be, I am not a party organiser.



Kink Lime

Held every Friday from mid afternoon till late, Kink Lime is an event run by Goddess Asha. It is an open house type of event, with guest Dommes attending every week and perfect for those 'last minute dot com' submissives who might otherwise miss out on sessions. Call on the day, book on the day, play on the day. Kink Lime offers special rates all day and is the perfect chilled out start to your weekend. Contact Goddess Asha at kinklime@gmail.com for more details or call 07950150422.

I'll be attending January 2018.


Circle of O

The perfect play party for masochists. Picture a fully equipped dungeon owned and furnished by the leather clad and lethal Miss Kitty Bliss, opening its doors to other just as deliciously deviant guest Dommes and... allowing you to come and be at Their mercy. Imagine the restraints, confinement and degradation. Now stop dreaming and sign up for this high protocol, high impact event by contacting Miss Kitty Bliss here. NB: This is a members only event so book in advance.

I'll be attending Tuesday 20th February 2018.


Domina Parties

Scroll down the list of a multitude of mouth-watering parties, each very different from the next and catering for a diversity of tastes. My personal favorite, Strapon/Forced Bi Parties, are attended by all... from the novice stretching to his fourth finger, all the way through to fantastic fisting anal sluts! A wide variety of slings, dildos and lashings of lube are available. The divine Goddess Cleo and Her guest Dommes always have a rogering good time, apply here to join us.

I'll be attending Thursday 8th March 2018.



Club Black Whip - next event 5th January 2018
Club Black Whip

Toppers Club - next event 12th January 2018
Toppers Club



Club Pedestal - next event 25th January 2018
Club Pedestal