70 and servile

I had a session this week with a submissive who followed My instructions to the letter beforehand, expressed gratitude to every message he received, and was concise in his approach. He was pleasing Me greatly and I hadn’t even met the boy yet.

When he arrived, I opened the door to what appeared to be a boy, possibly in his 50s, very submissive, but with child like excitement at being in My presence. As we prepared for the session I asked him how experienced he was and was surprised to hear that he’d been sessioning for close to 50 years! Of course I wanted to hear more and he was chomping at the bit to regale Me with past stories of how things were, but I put him on his knees (on a little cushion of course… which, medical conditions aside, you younger boys should not have the audacity to ask for) and began the session.

Heavy cp with boot and strapon worship… and he took just as much, if not more, than boys half his age. I will always check your health and ensure safety beforehand, but will never ‘discriminate’ when it comes to age, sex or ability. One of My top sessions this year.

The moral of this boys and girls, whatever ages you might be, is being who you are and doing what you love keeps you young.

Happy Pride!