"A strong intelligent man choosing to relinquish all power to Me. Nothing is more delectable, nothing is more pleasurable."

I am a lifestyle Domina and BDSM is something that I don't just restrict to dungeons or hourly sessions. It also crosses into and fills other aspects of My friendships, relationships and everyday life. While I am a very private person, on rare occasions I welcome a few personal slaves into My life. It is their place to facilitate with domestic day to day duties; they will be washing, cleaning, polishing, driving, carrying, fetching, filming... and massaging tired feet at the end of it all, Mine of course.

They are naturally submissive to a strong dominant woman and understand and believe in Female Supremacy and female lead relationships. They want to do things to the best of their ability for the reward of making Me happy and continuing to be in My presence. Other rewards include accompanying Me to some kinky, fun and interesting places... and of course building what is quite often a life long bond. As you can probably read, I write from the heart about such things and have a deep respect for the connection between Domina and slave. My 'Painless?' page gives you a deeper understanding of My character and what you might have the pleasure of.

If you understand what has been written and are already sessioning with Me, you may apply via email. I usually have a high number of applicants but, if we click we click. Personality, honesty and submission are what I'm interested in, your looks and gender are not important to Me. So consider your job, talents, hobbies, skills and other things that might be useful or interesting, as well as your location and availability when applying. Have a good look at 'WHAT I DO' to see if you are suited to My needs, activities I particularly enjoy are written in bold type. While you needn't enjoy/endure everything on this list be sure to have a healthy love of some activities.

NB: WEEKLY TRIBUTE APPLIES. This is not an opportunity for a free lunch, you will pay your way and for the privilege of serving Me. This is also not a Lonely Hearts ad, I am looking for a slave NOT a boyfriend so don't cause yourself the heartache of asking. you will NOT be living in My home.



Owned slaves, click here for further training and instruction.