Who am I? A strong black woman with a dominant personality, I was born with it and do not shy away from it. It is something I revel in and take every opportunity to nurture and feed. My features like My tastes are highly refined. I have a strong creative mind, athletic petite build and deliciously soft size 2 feet, that were made to be worshipped and adored. While I am intelligent, sharp-witted, well spoken and empathetic, I don't tolerate rudeness, disrespect or any form of 'topping from the bottom.'

I am British, a Londoner and My title is 'Governess', not Mistress, Madame, Matron, Ma'am, Miss or any other derivative. I'm also a lover of irony so don't let My name fool you, I am the perfect sadist for your masochistic desires, you will work for My pleasure... and possibly your own. I thoroughly enjoy beating a masochist to a pulp, I welcome taking his body, mind and entire being to dark and deviant places. Making him sweat, stutter and tremble before Me. Gripping him firmly around the neck while swinging an open-palm forcefully toward his cheek... will I slap or will I stroke? Watching him flinch needlessly or scream out in pain always amuses Me. Though, seeing him return to Me time after time, eyes downturned devotedly awaiting instruction, shows Me I have broken in the man and created a slave worth keeping.

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix and apply a holistic approach to My long-term slaves. Mental domination is one of my specialties, finding and exploiting the subtlest of inadequacies to thoroughly humiliate and degrade you. Or using My skills to bolster, improve and train you into a better version of your former self. I see the personality and can quickly find the best methods to motivate. To My slaves I am a friend, confidant, therapist and disciplinarian and they will forever be My little whipping boys. Learning more about My submissives is where I gain the most enjoyment... the more I know the more acute My control over you becomes. Sinking My hooks into you so deeply, you will beg Me to push just a little further and then never stop, as I slowly tailor each wicked game to perfection. I steer, lead, control and Govern.

For those of you who want to get a little more up close and personal... in My vanilla life I also enjoy modern art, street art, graphic design, typography, collage and aerial performance. I am an artistic, freethinking and ever evolving explorer of life. I have a passion for foods, both home grown and exotic. My favorite types of food are French, Thai and Japanese. I like most foods that are prepared well, from Brick Lane salt beef bagels to the game special at Maggie Jones. My favorite drink is water (which fuels your and My love of watersports). I also love fresh watermelon juice, pomegranate juice, sugar cane juice and am partial to the odd gin and tonic or late night glass of port. I like reading philosophy books, playing scrabble, going to the cinema, watching tennis and rugby and raving all night long. Overnight sessions with Me sometimes include a fetish club or two as well as dungeon based playtime.

Upon meeting Me it will quickly become clear that I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I have a particular love of; needle play, CBT, watersports, impact play and humiliation. Click here for the full list of services I offer and how you may serve.


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