Tongue out, now clean My boots!

As you may have seen from looking through My Galleries and social media, I have a very big shoe fetish… long leather thigh-high boots are a few of My favorite things. I like to train My submissives in the ways of worshipping, cleaning and maintaining them to My very high and specific standards. Giving the necessary instruction, guidance and motivation needed to ensure I am satisfied with the results. I always enjoy watching you work for My pleasure.

This is only a little blog, so you’ll get a little taste of how we might begin. A little leather whiff of what is expected from a boot-licker like you. When commanded, I expect to see your tongue outstretched, eager, ready and awaiting My use. The tongue is a muscle is it not? Well, I expect to see you flexing it, stretching it out as far as it can go and keeping it there until told otherwise. It might be getting dry and uncomfortable, it might be craving the moist, lubricating syliva awaiting it in your mouth… It might want a lot of things. However, your initial instruction is clear and ‘it’, like the rest of you is a tool to be used for My pleasure and convenience.

Now let’s begin.