Gag Demo at Club Rub

I am very excited to say that I’ll be doing a demonstration on gags this weekend at Club Rub, feel free to come down and join me.

Gags were one of the first bdsm related topics that I researched. I was drawn to the sheer variety that were available, across the medical field in particular, as well as their more sinister and less conventional uses. The uncomfortable, muffled sounds and strained expressions during play have always added greatly to scenes. While dominating the body (below the neck) has it’s many pleasures, the face has a certain vulnerability to it that isn’t found elsewhere. Bondage of the mouth automatically changes natural breathing patterns and makes you accutely aware of your facial muscles and the lack of control you have over them. One of the most exciting parts for me is how limited communication can further enforce mental domination. Body language and physical cues can express how a submissive is feeling, but never to the same extent as actual speech… Just the knowledge of this is enough to heighten play.

And lastly, it ensures that I am never interrupted… not even by the most talkative of submissives.