Pumping with Painless

I discovered pumping a while ago while playing in a friend’s dungeon and instantly became fascinated by it. Being a bit of a voyeur Myself, I found this type of play more aesthetically pleasing than I could have ever imagined.

The sound of the air sucking through the piston with each squeeze of the brass hand-held pump was pleasing to the ear and looking up to see a cock expanding, not from arousal but from the sheer force of suction, was titillating to say the least. The idea of an already engorged cock, being forced to grow further against its will, was not only pleasing to the eye but also to My psyche. Seeing it swell so much that the skin began to cling to the sides of My cylinder and the flesh started changing from a milky white to vessel-filled shades of pink and then purple. The sharp intakes of breath as My slave got closer and closer to his limit, followed by a hefty out breath letting Me know that he was ready to stop. The heat from his cock has steamed up the clear walls of My cylinder now as I keep it there contained… Tightly sealed and inaccessible it remains in its perspex display case for My viewing pleasure.

I use standardised cylinders for this activity, but custom made ones give the best results, so feel free to bring yours along to our session. Specialty cylinders are also available for more adventurous players and I’m always happy to discuss them further with those that come to see Me, My particular favorites at the moment are Mushroom Head cylinders and cylinders with sounding attachments. I’m also happy to mix needle play with our pumping session, but insist that you provide your own cylinder for hygiene and safety. I currently have My eye on a beautiful custom cylinder that accommodates two cocks which will be sucked in closer and closer to each other from either end of the tube… I look forward to seeing them kiss passionately in the middle during a future forced-bi session. I also enjoy pumping up My sissy’s nipples and leaving her with a fine set of engorged teats, complete with perfect-circle areolas.

While pumping can be the main event of a session it also goes well with many other sensory and bondage based activities, as well as providing hypersensitive organs for My sadistic desires.