Better than a poke in the eye?

Your eyes are not simply for seeing with, averting when in My presence, or growing wide when I choose to stimulate your senses… occasionally, they ‘two’ can get involved in the physical aspects of play.

My eyes are large, expressive and captivating. They are often used for flirting, shooting stern looks, rolling in derision and looking down on you with. They have the power to arouse, intimidate and hypnotise. Now, imagine them firmly fixed on you as you lay on My medical table anticipating your first eye torture session? Surrounded by pristinely laid out sterile instruments, to be used on you by a pristinely turned out well-trained Rubber Doctor.

This is one of the most niche fetishes that I specialise in, definitely not for the skittish, and like most things it can vary from light play to the more extreme. My most experienced submissive can be taken through a gauntlet of temperatures, sensations, deprivations and fluids in one session. I sometimes leave his body unbound and hands free to pleasure himself, or put him in full bondage, ensuring his cranium is restricted and entire head incapable of movement.

The majority of experienced players reading this post will probably think that they’ve handed over control of their most sensitive parts to a Domme during scenes however, nothing is more sensitive than the eye… and for some, nothing is more stimulating. Of all the possible fetishes I could have experienced from an early age, it was this, for that reason it remains very close to My heart and I am forever grateful to the Domme who introduced Me to this wonderful type of play.

Remember: Always practice eye torture safely, in sterile environments and with those who know what they are doing. This fetish is not for all but exquisite for those that will.