Heavy Rubber sessions with Madame Caramel and Governess Painless

Madame Caramel and Governess Painless are offering heavy rubber double sessions to a chosen few at the luxurious Hoxton Dungeon Suite.

Slip into sub space for three hours in a fully equipped dungeon at the hands of two sensual and highly capable doms. Combine multiple layers of rubber catsuits, body bags, hoods and gas masks with a milking machine, fucking machine, electrics, enema play, watersports, poppers and much more. Allow these experienced doms to indulge all of your senses and create fine rubber scenes for serious players and novices alike.

Due to busy schedules these premier mistresses only play together a few times a year, so places are in demand and limited.

Price £400 deposit of £100 required

Please email Madame_caramel@hotmail.co.uk for more information and possible dates.