Filming a medical play medley

I have been away from blogging for a short while, to do some filming!

Last week I joined the fabulous Madame Caramel at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite, laden with latex gear and lube. We had a quaff of champagne, finalised the filming schedule and then got to work. With the help of my body sub and copious amounts of baby oil I began getting into all of my rubber. Glistening feet, calves and thighs were slid into latex stockings, that were then buffed and polished to a high shine. A black suspender belt, bra and my trademark hood were then added to the outfit. We were later joined by the sexy Miss Delilah and the rather well hung Man in Chaps.

The naughty rubber nurses then got to work; skewering sharp needles through throbbing erect cocks, probing submissive female patients with orgasmic results and delivering multiple piss transfusions through a metal funnel. It was a very busy day for all involved and ended with great results. A big thank you to those who made it happen and to everyone who lit up twitter with comments about it! You are the ultimate “hype men”. There will be lots more to come, but in the mean time you can see your GP (Governess Painless) on AdultWork and Clips4Sale.




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